Campaigns Manager, Rapid Response

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India Full-time

About is a multi-issue advocacy group, and one of the most innovative social-change startups in India. We use technology to mobilise our 2,00,000+ supporters during key moments to have big impact on important social and political issues.

 As Campaigns Manager, Rapid Response you will be responding to big news moments and rolling out campaigns very quickly. You will need to consistently stay on top of the news-cycle, and have a penchant for spotting moments of injustice where there is a solution for which citizens can advocate. You will be in charge of running campaigns across issue-areas (anything that falls within our larger vision of an equitable, inclusive and sustainable India), that have the potential to mobilize citizens at scale.

 You will have the support of the Executive Director and core team in developing and executing rapid-response campaigns on a regular basis. You will also be a key part in helping us evolve our technology platforms to make it easy for citizens to take an active part in the democratic process.

 You will also build a team of passionate campaigners and together ideate and run campaigns that mobilize progressive Indians. You will need to build networks among existing NGOs, social enterprises and individuals and work with them to understand how best we can leverage our digital mobilisation and campaigning expertise to create significant real-world impact.

 Your national and local campaigns will both respond to current events and proactively advance a progressive agenda by empowering members to pool their voice, vote, donations, and direct all forms of creative participation, (both online and offline) to wherever they can have the greatest impact.

 Reports to the Executive Director.

 Tasks include 

  1. Bringing strategic direction to’s work that incorporates public mobilisation, effective use of digital communication technology, rapid-response campaigning, and media and decision-maker engagement.
  2. Being a key player in’s leadership team that will shape organizational strategies, policies and direction.
  3. Efficiently building and managing a team of campaigners, interns, volunteers and vendors depending on work at hand
  4. Staying on top of the news cycles and quickly researching new issues
  5. Brainstorming creative campaign hooks, pitching ideas to the team
  6. Writing up / editing compelling copy
  7. Testing and optimizing content,
  8. Managing partnerships with organizations, decision makers and stakeholders
  9. Building relationships with print, digital, audio and television media
  10. Leveraging social media and creating viral content
  11. Organising on-the-ground actions when necessary
  12. the many other small steps along the way to make your campaigns a success

The ideal candidate will possess these skills and attributes:

  • Sound knowledge of current affairs, politics and governance structures
  • Strategic thinker.
  • A strong writer and oral communicator- A large part of your work will be writing compelling content to motivate our 1,00,000+ supporters to take action, and speaking with key partners and reporters.
  • Self-starter- we’re looking for people who don’t let anything get in the way of achieving individual and organisational objectives.
  • Quick learner- You need the ability to synthesize news skills and information quickly, and implement them into your work.
  • Data-driven mindset- You should constantly be thinking about relevant data points, analysing what they mean, and how to better integrate them into your work.
  • A solid grasp of the political, social, and cultural landscape in India
  • Previous experience in  advocacy, organising, or campaigning space

You  must be self-driven and excited about the challenge in a new start up organisation. Jhatkaa has a dynamic, collaborative work culture. You should be ready to face new challenges at a start-up, be agile in adapting to evolving work and processes with a focus on efficiency and accountability. We also work in a consensus-based culture where everyone is respected as equals, and staff are expected to be low-ego.

 Fluency in English and at least one other Indian language are needed. Fluency in other languages will be an advantage.


Jhatkaa compensates its team members in line with its values as an inclusive, progressive, mission-driven organisation. In addition to striving to provide our team members with financial stability, benefits include flexibility, democratic decision-making, personal and professional growth, and working for a great cause. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply in order to learn more about the many benefits of joining our team, such as: 

  • Work 40 hours per week (Monday to Friday 10-6) with no expectation to work evenings/weekends
  • Work from home whenever you need to
  • 5 weeks casual leave, not including sick leave or holidays

 Jhatkaa is committed to diversity and inclusion and we will consider all qualified applicants, irrespective of gender, caste, religion, sexual orientation, age, or physical ability. Women and anyone from under-represented identities are especially encouraged to apply.

 Top 10 Reasons to Work at Jhatkaa

  1. Join the frontier of digital activism in India.We’re bringing innovative digital strategy to campaigning in India. It’s an exciting place to be.
  2. Join an awesome team.We’re a small group of committed, passionate people who want to enjoy working together. We celebrate each other and invest in building a happy, effective community.
  3. Go on paid vacation.We’ve all got to relax sometimes. Go ahead, take 4 weeks of paid vacation every year in addition to scheduled holidays.
  4. Be proud of your work.We empower ordinary citizens with tools to amplify their voices and hold decision makers accountable. It’s rare to have a tough day at work when you see the impact of your work every single day.
  5. Get paid to be passionate every day.It’s easier to wake up and go to the office every day when you care about what you do.
  6. Join a rocket ship.We’re a young organisation, but we’re already winning and growing. We’ve held a global corporation accountable to ex-workers in Kodaikanal, delivered hundreds of comments to the government to defend the Western Ghats and net neutrality, and gained a lot of attention in the process. Check out some of our victories and media hits.
  7. Maintain daily work-life balance.We want our team to be happy and healthy. We work hard, but respect that you have a life outside of the office, too. Choose your holidays, work from home, and take parental leave when you need it.
  8. We’ll train you to do cool stuff.Our style of work is relatively new and unique. We understand that everyone may not have experience working at a start-up digital campaigning NGO. Not to worry–we’ll train you on our tools and tactics so you’re equipped to succeed.
  9. We measure results, not face time.Some offices impose strict office hours. We’re not one of them. We care more about the work you achieve than the number of hours you’re at your desk.
  10. Be more than just an employee.We strive to be a democratic organisation. Every member of our team can contribute to decisions about how we navigate hurdles.

We’re changing the dynamics of Indian society, and we need you on our team.

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